Mark Johnson

Denver - 16th Street Mall at ChristmasI am a software developer based in Denver.  I’ve been working in the software industry for more than a few years at this point.  I started my career as an intern at an ERP software company in 1999.  That first summer, I wrote the first versions of the State Unemployment Insurance and New Hire Reporting tools for the J.D. Edwards OneWorld ERP suite.  Both products shipped to production and both are still in use today as far as I’m aware.  There have been a fair number of twists and turns in my career since that first role.

Over the years, I traveled as a solutions architect at EffectiveUI, implemented mobile solutions at Oracle, and worked on the team that built a recent version of

I love the challenge and continuous innovation involved in developing software; the satisfaction of solving a business problem that increases value for stakeholders and customers; the feeling of accomplishment that is earned by diligent work and delivered product.

Denver - Union Station at SunriseMy career has given me the opportunity to experience many aspects of professional software development from both a product and a services perspective. I have inherited code developed by engineers who had long left the company. I have participated in support calls to walk customers through resolutions to issues in a product I maintained. I have negotiated with product managers and clients to ensure a technical design both met their requirements and still could be completed given staffing, budget, and time constraints. I have followed a product vision from the writing of the first requirement to product completion. 

These experiences have given me a deep appreciation for the fact that delivering a successful product involves much more than simply writing lines of code. I take pride in my technical aptitude, but I feel it is only one facet of the value I bring to an organization.

Digital GeneralistsIn 2009, my wife and I founded the software agency Digital Generalists.  Since then, we’ve helped companies and organizations large and small leverage the power of software to enhance their brand and empower their employees.  In February 2014, we released Spiral by Digital Generalists, an application that provides the power and features of the best iPad handwriting-enabled notepad applications on your phone.  I designed every aspect of the application and wrote every line of code.

Spiral by Digital Generalists

If you would like to talk to me about my work or anything I’ve written about, please feel free to send me a message.